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Ness / Lucas fans unite!
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Oh look, Commissions!
Things I'm good at drawing:
Any animal
Most Nintendo characters

Things I'm not so good at:
Extremely muscular men/figures
Extreme detail and busy patterns

Things I won't draw:
Anything racist/crude/derogatory/etc
Any religion/politics

I will draw porn, anthros, OCs, violence, guro, etc. I'll also draw almost all fetishes, but discuss with me first before you throw one out.

:heart:$5 Examples

Linearts without color or shadow fall under here. 

:heart:$10 Examples
  Leaf is So Broken by PerfectPinkWater Trollutena by PerfectPinkWaterCourse Clear! by PerfectPinkWater 
Lines with color and shading (if wanted). May or may not have basic backgrounds.

:heart:$15 Examples

Halloweenies by PerfectPinkWater My Little Mother 3: Friendship is Psychic by PerfectPinkWater2014 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 4 by PerfectPinkWater  
Lines with color and shading (if wanted), multiple characters, and decent backgrounds. May go into the $20 range.

I can and will also do stories! Prices will fluctuate, but will generally be cheaper than art. Please discuss with me first!


Just comment here or send a note if you're interested and tell me what you want, then I'll reply with price and all that crap. All payments will go through Paypal, and I'll show a sketch to see if you like it before continuing. You kinda, uh, won't get the finished product until payment is received.

Btw, ignore the points and limit counter below because dA is retarded and I take money through PayPal, not here.



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The joke is there WAS no joke! HAH!

...But, no, seriously, except to see me around here more often. I'll be picking up where I left off with a lot of stuff and finishing some odds and ends here and there. If I owe you something, know that I'm working on it, and I'll be trying to catch up with notes and messages and such. Sorry for the random leave of absence, but I fell into a creative slump and have been working to get myself back into writing/drawing for a while. So, uh, yeah. Stay tuned and thank you for understanding!

APRIL FOOLS! I'm actually leaving this site forever and closing my account in a week. So sorry, friends. It was a tough decision, but I feel like it's time for me to move on. I feel like it'd be easier to explain in person, so here's a video I posted to explain what's up: [link]


Pony Up for Valentine's Day
I can't believe I've been drawing ponies for ages, and I never thought to make Ness and Lucas be together as ponies. I've ponified them multiple times, but always separately. Well, shame on me. Let me fix that right now. It's always so satisfying to finally your one special somepony. :heart:
2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 25
Y'know, Chikorita may be my favorite starter and Fennekin may be my favorite starter concept, Popplio is my favorite starter evolutionary line. Up until this point, I noticed that I'd chosen two of each starter type for every region so far: Bulbasaur and Chikorita from Kanto and Johto, Tepig and Fennekin from Unova and Kalos, and Mudkip and Piplup from Hoenn and Sinnoh. I didn't even plan it that way, it just kinda happened. And it was really interesting to think about. Then I wondered, "What starter type will I choose in the next generation?" I mentioned before Water used to be my favorite type, so I had a bias towards them, but I didn't want to go on that, so I'd have to wait on the designs and go from there.

When the trailer for Sun and Moon came out, everyone jumped on the Rowlet train, myself included. I still think he's the best-looking unevolved starer in the bunch. Didn't even bother with Litten because 1) he looked too much like a tryhard Fakemon and 2) I knew he'd turn into something I'd hate and/or be overglorified. But when it came to Popplio, the poor thing got so much hate. I know there's always one starter that everyone hates/loves, but this hate was like, legendary. It got so bad it became a meme and even started support groups for Popplio (#PopplioDefenseSquad). I must have a thing for a underdogs or something, because that made me choose Popplio. I had high hopes for it, even when no one else did.

I went into the game 95% blind, so I had NO idea what Popplio would turn into, but I heard it was disgustingly girly, disgustingly cute, and a Fairy-type. At that point, I didn't even care WHAT it looked like, because those are all keywords for shit I like. And wouldn't you know it? Primarina's my favorite Fairy-type now. Who'da thunk? Not only do I love Primarina, but I felt like it was a big 'fuck you' to everyone for judging a book by its cover. It's like the greatest ugly duckling story in all of Pokemon, and it's not only ironic, but inspirational. Then you got people mad because 'omg it's so sexist'. Yes, because Incineroar clearly having a masculine design isn't sexist, but Primarina clearly having a feminine design is. And let's not forget that female Diggersby and male Lopunny are a thing, but Lilligant is always female, and Whimsicott isn't. Because consistency has always been Pokemon's selling point, right? Just reset for a girl Popplio, if you want one so bad, jeez. It only took me like 15 minutes.

Decidueye turned out to be BADASS, and Incineroar disappointed me. Big surprise. We're tired of Fire/Fighting types, so the development team trolls us by making a Fire/Dark-type who's based off a wrestler. Great, thanks. That's exactly what we needed/wanted. Where'd that creativity with 
Fennekin go?

k, I'm finally done with this advent thing. This took forever, but there you go, I did it. I'm the best, like no one ever was.
2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 24
Yeah, so every other Fire-type starter that ever has or ever will exist can just go home now, cuz when Fenniken hit the scene, I was ALL OVER HER DESIGN. Who the fuck even cares about the other two starters? WE GOT A FOX. WE CAN ALWAYS USE MORE FOXES OR FOX-LIKE CREATURES. WHERE'S OUR DRAGON-TYPE EEVEELUTION?! And the best part? FENNEKIN DOESN'T BECOME ANOTHER FUCKING FIRE-FIGHTING TYPE! WELL, THANK THE FUCKING LORD FOR THAT! ONLY TOOK YOU THREE GENERATIONS! And her concept is fucking adorable, too! A fox that becomes a magical girl in training who becomes a full-fledged witch? That's genius! I know a lot of people hate Delphox's design and masterbate to love Braixen's, while Fennekin's just kind of there, but y'know what? That okay, because 1) Braixen's my favorite Fire-type of all time, anyway and 2) AT LEAST IT'S NOT ANOTHER DAMN FIRE/FIGHTING-TYPE FOR ONCE! Seriously, is there an interview somewhere that explains this, cuz I'd like to know and I'd like them to stop.
2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 23
Tepig was a weird choice for me to go with, considering much I despise the Fire/Fighting-type starters trend going on. Maybe it's because Emboar at least looks more like a bulky, monstrous Pokemon-esque kind of thing instead of a scrawny, humanoid Fakemon-esque kind of thing. Snivy was cute and all, but I passed on her since Deerling/Sawsbuck were a thing. I was so stoked to finally have a decent-looking deer Pokemon that wasn't Stantler, like for reelz. Although, I'm gonna be honest; if Emboar ended up looking like Incineroar or something, I would've got Snivy in a heartbeat. I'm just kinda sick of cute quadrapeds randomly turning into distorted wrestlers for no reason. Tepig was a big exception here, but I guess you could say I really warmed up to his design.
2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 22
Gonna have to say, even though Gen 4 was leagues better than Gen 3 for me, it probably has the worst starters. In every region, I always have one I love, one I like, and one I hate. In Sinnoh, I don't like any of them. Don't like any of the evolutions, either. It's weird, really. I wouldn't say I HATE any of them (okay, maybe Chimchar), but I could never really connect to any of them on any level. I guess if I HAD to choose, I'd take Piplup. Don't have a reason, he's just the only one I actually KINDA like. ...And then I immediately stop liking him when he evolves. Sorry, I'd rather get him and drop him for Buizel when I get the chance. And did I mention Dawn's Piplup in the anime squeezed out nearly all the likability I do still have for him?


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